Julian Assange and Wikileaks have decided to intervene in the US presidential elections offering the American electorate and the world real “Hope” and what may be their only chance for real “change”. Not the “Change We Can Believe In” or the “Hope” of Obama’s last presidential campaign, we won’t even mention the hopelessness being offered by the Republicans, but a real chance to change the policies and the actions of the US government by exposing what they would rather the world did not know.

Is Julian running for the office of US President? Can an Australian, trapped in an Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom, run for the presidency of the United States? The answer is no and no. It is much more complicated and actually much more honest than that.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been the subject of US persecution for so long that some of us may forget a very simple fact that for some reason has been lost in the global debate. The US has no right whatsoever, not now and not ever, to go after anyone at Wikileaks. The fact of the matter is quite simple, the United States of America has no jurisdiction over anyone involved in the case they have fabricated against Wikileaks, no matter how they want to stifle freedom of speech and the press, and no matter how much they want to portray it as a crime that the malfeasance and war-crimes of the US Government are revealed, they simply do not have jurisdiction. Period, end of discussion.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have finally decided to attack this point head on are now placing, as they put it: “the Obama administration within our jurisdiction.” Wikileaks claims that being subjected to laws without representation is an injustice to Americans, which is exactly what the US has been attempting to do to Wikileaks.

Nowhere have I seen in the public debate questions being raised as to how in the world can the US have the unmitigated gall to go after someone for violating some archaic internal US law like the Espionage Act of 1917 when that person and his organization have absolutely nothing to do with the United States and when their actions were not committed on US soil.

The United States has long ago stepped way outside of its own bounds and has unilaterally decided that the entire planet is under its jurisdiction. We could ask this question about almost anything the US does unilaterally anywhere in the world. For example in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and in even here in Russia, what right does the United States of America have in dictating to the world what it should do. Under what right and under what jurisdiction does the US have to tell Syria who their president is? Under what right does the US have to fund uprisings all over the world and assassinate the leaders of sovereign nations, or for that matter even a Taliban warlord in Afghanistan?

The US has no right, and every unilateral invasion of a sovereign country, and every single drone strike and every single person that the US and its military adventures around the planet have killed are crimes against all humanity. The US has never had the right under any law but their own to carry out any of these things.

Sadly the world has grown accustomed to be subjugated and dictated what to do by the United States of America. This has been going on for decades but the fact is that people are beginning to wake up, slowly but surely, and they are beginning to realize that they are being subjugated and their countries and rights are being taken over by the US. This is embodied by what has happened to Julian Assange and those at Wikileaks and many others the world over, including yours truly.

The United States arrogantly and imperialistically expects you and I, citizen of the world, to bend to their will and do their bidding and allow them to do what they like in your country and in any country they please, and if they can not do so openly they will use whatever tools they have at their disposal to meet their goals. For Wikileaks this means keeping quiet and according to the Pentagon destroying documents the US Government does not want anyone to see.

The arrogance and utter insanity of it all was underlined last Friday, September 28th, when the US Pentagon again threatened WikiLeaks. According to Julian Assange: “Pentagon spokesman George Little demanded WikiLeaks destroy its publications, including the Iraq War logs which revealed the killings of over 100,000 civilians.” Assange also says that Little told him “… continued possession by WikiLeaks of classified information belonging to the United States Government represents a continuing violation of law”.

A “continuing violation of the law”!?!? What law is he talking about? When did US law apply to extra-territorial cases? When did the entire planet and the 8,500,000,000 or so citizens of the world who are not Americans get together and decide that they would abide and adhere to US laws and allow the US to arrest, kidnap, incarcerate, torture, prosecute and persecute them as it saw fit? I must have missed that one.

We saw this extra-judicial, extra-territorial arrogance applied to others for example Victor Bout and Constantin Yaroshenko, Russians entrapped in and kidnapped from, third countries and we see this every day in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and anywhere else the US is fulfilling the kill orders of their “Commander in Chief”. The man who received a Nobel Peace Prize yet signs a daily “kill list”.

Wikileaks has thus entered the US election process to ask US citizens and the citizens of the world to support them economically and politically and support their efforts at getting the truth out. Yes the truth, something that the US Government has long claimed to have a monopoly on as well.

According to Wikileaks the US “Democratic” Party is “… building a state within a state, placing nearly 5 million Americans under the national security clearance system. It has classified more documents than any previous administration, classifying even the process used to decide who will live and who will be killed. The U.S. administration hurtles towards dystopia: secret laws, secret process, secret budgets, secret bailouts, secret killings, secret mass spying, secret drones and secret detention without charge. The collapse of the Soviet Union could have led to the withdrawal of the security state but without moral competition from another system, it has grown unchecked to influence almost every American. Four more years in the same direction cannot be tolerated.”

Julian Assange failed to mention one thing, and this is the most important fact, the growth and malignancy of the US system has affected and influenced not only “almost every American” but also most of the world in one way or another. Should this unilateral “global-judge-jury-and-executioner” be allowed to continue on the path of global domination and subjugation of the entire planet? The answer is no.    

Julian Assange has also once again exposed Obama’s hypocrisy stating that it was Wikileaks’ revelations that: “… forced the U.S. out of the Iraq War by exposing the killing of Iraqi children causing the Iraqi government to strip the U.S. military of immunity, which forced the U.S. withdrawal.” This is backed up not only by the Afhgan War Files but also by the Global Intelligence Files.

Assange also says, and this completely flies in the face of all US claims: “It was WikiLeaks’ revelations and pan-Arab activists, not the Obama administration that helped to trigger the Arab Spring. While WikiLeaks was exposing dictators from Yemen to Cairo, Vice President Joseph Biden was calling Hosni Mubarak a democrat, Hillary Clinton was calling his government “stable” (Straffor e-mail) and the U.S. administration was colluding with Saleh to bomb his own people.”

So as Julian Assange and millions of others now believe: if you want real change in Washington it doesn’t matter what party you vote for. What is truly important is that you support the truth, for as a wise man once said; “It is the truth that shall set you free.”    

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