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The Arrest of Paul Hawkins

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The CIA/WikiLeaks Doomsday Virus - Military Grade Malware


CIA/WL Malware Infection and the Doomsday Software You Downloaded - December 2017




On the second of December the now CIA controlled WikiLeaks changed their DNS information to portray two of their IP addresses as being in the Russian Federation. Since we know that WikiLeaks is one hundred percent CIA controlled any change to DNS or Domain Registrar information is cause for investigation so me and the alert member of Anonymous who gave me the heads up started investigating.

Changing DNS information is nothing sinister in and of itself, if ISPs are changed, or physical location is moved or servers are added or subtracted are just some of the normal reasons one might change their IP and DNS. However, in this case there is something much more sinister going on, even worse than just lying to the world and pretending to be an organization that was taken over and no longer exists in order to get away with evil.

Above I said portray because the IP addresses and which are listed as owned by NCONNECT-NET, with locations in Moscow Russia, are actually physically located in Australia. Again nothing sinister in and of itself but when tied in with more, and there is much more, things start to look pretty dark.

WL's First IP??? Reston Virginia

Another change was the addition of a company called Mir Telematiki Ltd as the Russian owner of IP address which also Traceroutes to Australia, but appears to place WikiLeaks servers in Moscow. The other Norwegian and Dutch addresses are pretty much unchanged and actually refer to the real locations so I am not mentioning them at all.

So someone controlling WikiLeaks at the CIA is trying to give WikiLeaks a Russian connection, this is obvious, but why? Here is where the story really starts to get scary.

Several Anonymous people and myself started investigating further and an old laboratory White Hat from way back when, a hacker’s hacker if you will, and someone we all admire (we meaning those who know of this person) made a frightening discovery about one of the files on WikiLeaks. Actually there were several but his was the worst and is still being investigated and which I will get into in a minute.

One of the LULSEC 2.0s or Anonymous people immediately became alarmed when they noticed that WL is using off-site storage and in this case a hive, which is something they have never done before and which we are also investigating as it is not what it appears to be. One of the big discoveries was related to this hive and various code hidden in the innocuous looking PDF file which is supposed to be instructions for working with the hive, but again this is not too sinister until you put all the pieces together.

The next piece of the puzzle involves the Vault 7/8 releases. I am a journalist and fairly tech savvy so some of this stuff might be of interest to me but since, as a former WikiLeaks associate , I am 100% certain WL is completely under CIA control, I stay as far away from WL and the Vault BS as possible. However one must ask themselves why WL is presenting these programs and using a hive and telling people to verify version numbers and such in the directories on their comps etc., when this is supposed to be about journalism and exposing the CIA. Normal journalist do not have the coding skills or the forensic computer programs and equipment, let alone the knowledge, to take these programs apart and see what they really do, so like I have been saying for over a year, it is all a bunch of tick –tock bullshit. Or is it?

The penultimate piece of the technical puzzle is the hive repository and the files with such names as honeycomb and ilm client. Hives, honeycomb, bees, tick-tock, tick-tock (Honey Trap Boom?)… The files in the repository basically allow the CIA to access everything you have or do on your computer, wi-fi and all your connected devices and gather them into the proper directories which you may not even see and which may be hidden on, for example, the Windows install partition, which normally no one worries or even knows about.   

I have perhaps said to much already because I do not want them to know how good or bad we are nor what we know so in the classic cat and mouse of hacking and computer security I will not go into too much detail and will cut to the chase.

The final piece of this tick-tock is a file infected with a new virus, new malware, that is something that our White Hats have never seen before. One of the things it does is install security certificates on your comps or devices giving it whatever privileges it desires and installs certificates to get around every anti-virus or anti-malware program except Kaspersky Labs, meaning Kaspersky would be the only program to see this threat, a fact from which we can ascertain that this is why they have been kicked out of the US Government sector.

The malware in question does many things and I am not at liberty to say all of them yet! With the Vault files and the other pieces in place, the attack is so complex and involved that an entire team is still trying to figure it out and will probably only have an answer in a few days. Here is what I can say: the file we have looked at is a “Back Door Bot” that no one has seen anything like before. It installs hidden Magnetic Links, meaning the upload processes to CIA or wherever, uses the Torrent system (which explains why we still have it) and other P2P protocols and can re-write itself re-name itself and targets almost all mobile and PC systems. It is new and thus has no name yet but I have suggested calling it Kolya, after the nazi apologist kid (a long story). Our only advice right now is do not download or even open anything from WL even a text file and delete anything you downloaded from WikiLeaks since October 16th, 2016 when it was taken over.

You have unknowingly downloaded and installed CIA Malware on your own computers and this along with all of the switches in Russian computer systems that Agent Edward Snowden has been installing for years, even giving the NSA/CIA access to, I believe the entire Moscow CCTV network, will allow them to do almost whatever they want, remotely and from the shadows like they always do! 

Now the BOOM part; this is my own conclusion and I would hope I am wrong but unfortunately I have not been so far. As we do not know what exactly we are dealing with it is early to give a definitive answer as to what it will do exactly but my scenario is as follows: given the propaganda that the US government has pushed that WL and hackers and hacking are the same as terrorism or military attacks the entire package looks like a platform which will give the CIA the fictitious massive cyberattack from Russia that they dream about and will use to start their long planned World War III. The package explains the ridiculous insistence on debunked claims of Russian interference in US elections and the like, which I know for a fact are lies because we know exactly who delivered the Clinton, Podesta and DNC files.

If the CIA has created a Doomsday cyber-attack weapon and can create a Russian attack scenario by infecting half the world’s computers with malware and then one day triggers it, causing untold havoc worldwide, will the world be that upset if the US uses its self-declared “right” to a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia? Will anyone stop them?

Knowing what I know the scenario is not only possible but frighteningly likely.


Please spread this far and wide. If the world knows in advance we may be able to stop the lunatics who are working night and day to ensure their New World Order and our destruction.

Stay tuned and stay awake.  

We have been warning you for years about something like this! ALL TICK TOCKING ends in BOOM. They have been warning us


Update One: Part of the Doomsday Package on WL Contains the Flame_props Super Virus

Update Two After Analysis: Conclusion - CIA,  Name: The Doomsday Virus

First Look: Magnet links with no metadata. Never seen anything like this before

Very strange looks local .. US

Never seen magnet link intrusion though multiple OSes

The links were done in ascii/ binary I thinks it's a reuse of old code but using a p2p

May be a test of a takeover. Tried a p2p tracker in Flud Magnets only good for like 27 seconds, Pretty creepy....

Server action somewhere analyzing the injecting files.

There's a password 256 bit using renovo code extractor

Considering that x86 instructions have variable sizes, and that data and instructions can be interleaved in x86 executables, i associate each byte of the memory space with a flag. Since this flag has only two states: clean and dirty, it can be represented as 1 bit...etc...

Final Analysis Being Sent to Anti-Virus Companies Now

It is a Backdoor Bot

Uses P2P to download based on your OS version

Targets Android/IOS/Windows

Uses media extensions for IOS/Android

Uses Common win32hlp.cnf for Windows

Will flash ROM and Ghost Copy Hard Drives - Very complicated attack

Certificates match past certs

90% American, the sub routines match what is taught in America in structure, even the spacing of the code and the character structure. I was made on a Windows PC in English.

Takes background update for P2P

In pro registers a Domain

Domain name has retarded character length

In IOS the target is the i8.

There are 1.5 million lines of code in multiple formats (roughly)

PDF is the carrier

Bypasses extension check with self generated error which injects and corrupts existing files with a piggback

Uses default Admin on Android

Uses factory key reset on IOS

Completely rapes Windows 7-10

Our White Hat lost three devices  and is now sending to AVG and Malwarebytes

My conclusion CIA


Last Update: 11/19/2023 20:00 -0000


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