J Exposes Michael Aquino, a Double Agent, a Serial Rapist, a MOSSAD Op in Vermont and the Pedophile Protection Act


Breaking Code of Satan: Michael Aquino CLONE Head of Pres Security for Duterte

So I cracked this guy's Zodiac Codes, leaving a mystery as to who this MR. Z was.....finding it was a Multi National Operation conducted by a small group, and that they held high level senate and oversight of the operations that they were using to rise to fame in their echelon.

......then flipped layer two of Kryptos at Langley to reveal the two layers of the systems using the monikers "Z" and "S" for the layouts....Zodiac and Scorpion being their Operations......

.......they all matched the same cipher layouts and systems, and by solving one you were even able to use them to solve the others, providing hidden keys for unlocking the rest.

......then I found the guy's past leading to Military Operations he conducted then, in the 60's and 70's, losing Military Rank in the 90's, accused of trafficking and molesting 100+s, as well as sacrificing and murdering many more to silence them.  This was all exposed in the Franklin Child Trafficking affairs.....connecting many in the White House.

Then this one tops the cake ,with the most obvious glazing and glittery effect.  The fact he is back in the spotlight on the TODAY SHOW, as Lt. Col. Michael Aquino with a costumed front magically transforms AGAIN, & becomes "Forrest Fenn" offering a "Treasure Chest" filled with gold and jewels.  Now 4 are dead in the "Thrill of the Chase".

Now lets go back to see the different people that are involved in this switcheroo.

1) Lt. Michael Aquino is rampant, forming a Church of Satan, as well as being in the Military High Command, and associating with Anton LaVey, and other big entertainment names like Sammy Davis Jr. He is a Operative from the Vietnam era of the Phoenix Project, and using the "Little List" of Vietcong and US Military they had assassinated to the tone of 1800 per month, he brought that to the states, and he formed the SIGNIT framework through the NSA, to begin in their Militarizing the Police, and connecting certain elements of the echelon with information, while leaving the rest of the detectives and local police in the dark as they were able to run children, drugs, contraband, and other forms of illegal black market goods. 

As these underground rackets were created through the cover fronts and organized parties of the elite and the entertainers, the masses were fed a psychological warfare operation through the media as they plotted the takeover of the US, creating a TARGET POPULATION for the big "Rodeo Roundup", creating a flooding of the prisons, and an expansion into the privatization of the prisons, furthering the collection of "Slaves for the afterlife" as quoted from the Zodiac Letters.

These Operations were even furthered into the International Affairs of nations more recently as I have just discovered under the Obama Administrations in SE Asia and now in the Philippines as I will show below.

He later goes on to leave the Temple of Set with LaVey, and makes some resources for himself claiming he had cancer and is now a Treasure Hunter.  This element is key as his Stage Name and Pen Names are taken from a dead Archaeologist and Native American Collector and Photographer by that same name.  Now Michael Aquino has absorbed himself into this character and is doing more in the media pushing the "Treasure Map" Themes as a coded front to leave clues and breadcrumbs to their ultimate agendas.




2) Lt. Col. Michael Aquino is a Security Agent from the Philippines who has been caught stealing a "Blueprint" for US Operations, SPYING ON THE US, and taking it to the Islands to be used there for their Intelligence Community takeover, to be formed using the US Operations as a template.

Look who is the person that Pardons him, and allows him to return to the Philippines, after spying for splinter factions in their plan to take over the islands, to now become Duterte's new Security chief......its insanely obvious now....he was given high level orders and plans using older styles of operations.

Gov Christopher Christie......of New Jersey.....!!!

His past is very limited and links are dead except for the excerpt above from the same TV Company.....NBC

Michael Ray Aquino - Wikipedia

Michael Ray Aquino is a former intelligence officer in the police force of the Philippines. He was accused of involvement in a 2000 political murder, and more ...

While Lt. Michael Aquino in the US disappears, he also shows up in the Philippines as the Director of Presidential Security, right at the same time the US Director Of Psychological Operations, and creator of numerous umbrella projects becomes a "Treasure Hunter" on the TODAY SHOW.......!!!

You just can't believe this stuff until you read it all in the Wiki pages, and see it on International Vids from the most recent Drug Wars being raged by Duterte, with his squads of killing teams doing the same "Little List" killings related to the terror created for their Psych Operations there.  These are covers for their interests in exploiting the children and women there, selling drugs through controlled networks with high level authorization, and military protection, killing off Chinese nationals, and assassinating dissidents in the process.  The recent "ISIS Terrorist Uprisings" there are also covers for the same ethnic cleansing and misinformation campaign that is being waged there.

So much is found........in mainstream media......look at this recent find.....all in marketing trends.......

The Y U No Guy delivers the message of a series of images hidden showing an exclamation point.....and some serious eyebrows like our suspect. On his face is the constellation of the Star System called Phoenix.

Holding a similar image to other treasure maps, we see the likeness to the face of a Jesse James Treasure Map....the theme used as the "Key" to connecting them to the current terror groups making the claims there in the Philippines, or so we are told by "Lt. Col. Michael Aquino" of the Security Forces.....that ISIS is now stirring up terror.

The flag breaks into numerous looking images.....all showing linguistic natures of a mirrored nature, and exposing key phrases to be seen showing the players.....

NAME IN MEME is the first obvious phrase, then reversed and spelled in HEBREW is the stenographic representation of the phrase FDN CHZ F Z CH, seen as "Finding Cheeze for Z Chechen" , or finding money for ISIS........

Flipped and mirrored it shows FILIPINO AQUINO/NAME IS ******.......So much more from these guys is seen and their deception game in the media.  SOC is STRATEGIC OPERATIONS COMMAND, MI 5/6/7 and CIA can be seen. 

He is pegged to the wall no matter what, and his agenda is behind the scenes, with agents are using the cover as a continued puppeting of the Filipino People to become the agents fighting a cold war strategy against the Chinese.....while exploiting the treasures of the Japanese Kin No Yuri.....or Golden Lily and the people in the staged takeover of the affairs of the people through a state run media.

More here in the media showing this form of symmetry is known to be used to "Deliver a Hidden Message" of the Master Executioner of The Mikado.....a theme of many of their affairs......

I come to the conclusion that this is the Blood that he comes from being the Cowboy that is trying to stir up aggression in the media and escalate many wars in sublime ways.....using this slime.

Take the symmetry and you can make out the clown mask of the guy who speaks about his "Arrowhead Collections" as if its his biggest reward.....he even claims he holds Sitting Bull's Peace Pipe.

Something that is related to this man's intent to maintain their grave robbing agendas that even hold Geronimo's Bones and Skull in their "Tomb" in Connecticut, along with Pancho Villa's, as trophies of their victory.

So this is part of their wider Cabal affairs in so many ways.  Look at STARBUCKS' LOGO complete with the image of the Pharoah Barakenaten Obama....lol.

These are their themes and are clearly very important to be examined more closely to see if these people are involved in their global interests as a front for generating donations for their political elections and for their "Non-Profit" causes as you have shown on your website....

Something in it that "Gives You Wings".... ?


Mossad Headquarters in Vermont Revealed: Vermont to be a Haven for Pedophiles

This is the original proof that I generated of the Radio Bean being created as a foundation of the Mossad Headquarters, being hidden behind cover fronts using restaurants in the US.  The location here in Vermont has been seen on the map in relation to the coordinates of a mirrored mapping system. 

Radio Bean  https://www.radiobean.com/contact-info

The location is managed by a person calling himself Cypher Zero (Michael Aaron Woldow) and has surrounded himself from the image he has created at the NYC Circus Arts center, having been chased from both NY and from LA, and now hiding in Vermont behind the Pedophile Protection Act of Patrick Leahy in secret under an identity of another name as well.

Petah Tikvah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petah_Tikva   http://wikitravel.org/en/Petah_Tikva

Cypher Zero

Cypher Zero


One coordinate from previous searches is laid in Israel to create a symbiotic mapping system in Burlington, Vermont

The system is set up just like Kryptos is created, to be used to harness the tools of an Architect, to derive locations that are coded from pieces that are being used to BLUEPRINT the operations.



Using the L Square, the message can be seen as taking the same square route through the city to the Radio Bean from a place actually known as Tikvah Builders .... an Architectural / Building Corp that has been instrumental here in Hijacking current projects in Burlington's plans of renovations, that are actually geared at removing the International Flag Placement Grounds of the United Nations, and the many other traditional parks and rec locations and legacy projects that are in the spotlight, vying for local funding, and from large EPA Brownfield Grants.  The recent removal of these key locations was dedicated to none other than Patrick Leahy.  The location of the plaque on it's placement, a clearing of a fountain to make a walking promenade, was laid in front of Bernie Sander's office.

The original coordinates in google searches for "Mossad Headquarters" delivered a series of numbers that when entered into Google Earth, delivered a location in Israel that was far from the actual location of the Tel Aviv locations of the Mossad.

One wonders what the actual reason is behind having any coordinates posted, as that is something of a targeting tool used for other interests.  Out of fear that someone would use that, you would think that there would be a request to remove it, but instead the Mossad has now relocated these coordinates, to a second location outside of the town Ptah Tikvah to the North near Alon.  A strange place to leave a random location.  As it almost seems that in the realm of their adjustment of these coordinates, it times perfectly with not only these exposes, but the actual operations being moved into the Philippines.

Remember that Chris Christie both confirmed it was "Secret" level info, and then released him to "Face Charges of Murder" in the Philippines.  Now the "Blueprint" that Michael Aquino was said to take to the Philippines, as a spy working with US Intelligence Agents, was the same blueprint that you are seeing being created as a tool for laying operations of strategic maneuvering here as well in the states, dating back to the creation of the Zodiac operations under the ORIGINAL Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, the creator of the Church of Satan, and high ranking DOD official.  The Asian Aquino was returned to the Islands to become the new Duterte Security Chief and director of media relations .... this is evident that he is following the US/Israeli Blueprint setting up media fronts for their operations in their country.

The person labeled as founding these Zodiac and Scorpion Ciphers in the mainstream, was also using the name Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in the US, now going by the name Forrest Fenn....... the author has claimed that he crafted his "Thrill of the Chase" Treasure Map Poem, with "An Architect".  Of course this hidden "Blueprint" spoken about is his creation, as is the continuance of its umbrella project through the establishment of these Ciphers appearing in the media.  They commissioned these designs with a hidden agenda that pieces together to provide a movement to be plotted on the computer, to be seen when "Solving" their puzzles as if it's a map.  The "Sayanim" watch it all on TV and in the Music Industry, and interpret them in a manner known as Persher Coding, using themes to present an idea of their affairs through "Interpretation", the English translation of the Hebrew word.

Sayanim  http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/06/sayanim-everywhere/

These were all "Mind Games", and it is being used around the world through most of the Post-Bush era affairs, that are being conducted through the media owned and official media relations teams that front intel and disinfo accordingly.  They want to publish the information in the media to scare people from being able to interpret their timing in their disinfo, and their hinting of intel to other agents of their intent.  Their intent is to distract the minds of the "Goyim" while sending their agents to do their bidding in other countries through their terminology and other coded messages left to trigger attacks or start operations towards drugs and child trafficking efforts.

The themes show that there is going to be a use of the efforts of a "Casino Royale" to gamble away the budgets in a game of Bacharach Obama's Administration, and the Clintons in the State Department, with Kerry and McCain who have laid their operations across the globe. Kerry in Syria, McCain the Ukraine, and now we have a new wild card being set up in the Philippines with a pairing of the "Michael Aquino" character carrying a blueprint with Duterte. 

These are all shown to us in the media in obvious tangents, as well as legitimate references being left in the mapping template I found using the coordinates of a simple google search.  This means that they are using these specific coordinates to relocate operations and begin in their final push from the Southeast Asian locations to continue their exploitation.

The "Z" teams in Vermont, headed by Leahy and Sanders playing oblivious, as both are pro Israel and have backed both arms deals and ignored affairs with their cameos generating a political human shielf for their end games.  Now they are reaping the investments into the many projects here, and know there is going to be a major "Swamp Draining", and there is not going to be anything that can be said otherwise, as they are already in the spotlight for major financial scandals. 

This only shows the extent at which they operate in their own affairs, to control a small township of 40k people, with a state population of 600k, that are easily coaxed into following the rhetoric to elect and reelect them to Govt positions.  They vote them into office under a guise of trust and have seen them maintaining the longest records of political affiliations in the history of the US, while others have come and go.  These are also the longest running operations in US History, but as you can see the release of info is extremely important these days, as there are strong oppositions to these affairs from the US Intelligence Community as well as from locals taking the initiative in reporting this all.

They neither supported the original reforms of the US, nor followed them in their practices in their home state of representation.  They carried on International Affairs through the most brutal methods and created a form of mass control over the local populations here with their cult practices and their offices residing in a Masonic Temple. 

Most recently is the election of a new Police Chief, named Del Pozo, who was being charged with Racial Profiling of Arabs at Mosques in NYC, that resulted in his being transferred to traumatize the populations here.  So far we have seen no less than 3 shootings from police that resulted in the death of 'suspects' that were either known senior citizens or disabled and crippled.

These shifting holdouts are seen as being connected through major operations that are puppeted through the interests of foreign nations.  The foundation of these efforts is part of the control of the populations to keep anyone from unseating them in the House and the Senate. They are coercing the locals and bribing everyone here with HUGE kickbacks. It's disgusting and has to be seen as another holdout of their operations.  Literally the last holdout. THE Republic to which it stands.

These words from the pledge of allegiance were recently removed from schools, but yet now the Church of Satan is accepted and taught there, as well as the Statutory Laws being usurped by Federal Authority, due to Leahy's Pedophile Protection Act, and of course these words spoken, are the ones I discovered relevance to, when interpreting the works of the 1600's era settlers, that left their history behind marked in stone, along key areas here in the foundation of the explorations that were laid by Francis Bacon and Samuel D' Champlain in their foundation of the Republic and it's policies of strong religious interest in asserting its freedom to practice. 

These points in time of their adjustments in political agendas and the removal of physical references to this International Alliance are being destroyed here, and the history of the US and Canada, are founded on the history of these original settlements.  The political objectives seen in this time period of these two figures and their intrusion into the lives of the local community, show that they were ready and more than willing to erase the history of the country, in an operation called Project Monarch.

This is one hell of a series of ciphers to be honest.....and nothing I ever expected from these amateurs......as you can see this is really only a few hours of research and that information is set to be delivered to the appropriate authorities to alert them to these affairs.

We are slowly seeing the defeat of the physical entity behind the "Rise of the Force", but there truly is a new hope Jar Jar oh great Sith Lord (LOL), and that is to pray the messages get through in time before these agents and governing partisans take hold in any more International Affairs, bringing more confusion to the events that are occurring.

Its more than obvious when the snowballing of these derivatives becomes that easy to see, following the same patterns.  As these petty masks have been generated to induce fear, the analytical mind does not have any effect on it imposed by distractions and nulls, that can deter it from seeing the secrets of their agendas.

Almost done here.

Mossad, Ricin, Performance Art, CYPHERS

I asked J if he had prooff that Michael Waldow was the owner of the Radio Bean. This was his answer:

He is the owner of the Radio Bean, Duino Duende, and the Lamp Shop next to eachother, set at the point of the coordinates of the search on Google..

The only proof he is actually Cypher Zero is the decoration of his exteriors with signage matching the Zodiac Ciphers of the Bernie Sanders Solution run through the Z 13 Cipher.

I am thinking that the section of their logo for DUINO DUENDE is derived from the use of the last series of letters in the Z13 Cipher using the 8 Ball section of the text at the end of the cipher.  I have also seen him walking around the area of his businesses after a show wearing this very outfit. In fact this picture is online as being from searches of Cypher Zero, and this picture associated with the NYC Circus Arts, but the interiors taken in this picture are clearly of the decor of the homes surrounding the area here.  It's his way of leaving clues behind.  Also to note that Duino is a Brazilian Urban Trickster and he fled the country for some time believed to be there stirring up more operations surrounding the Olympics there and other affairs. Attending Villanova he became the "New Villian" when he coined himself Cypher Zero, claiming he found fascination in these types of infinite variables derived from the statistical odds produced by multi-layered Wheel Ciphers.

Note from JAR2: Notice the person in constume and the purple outfit and the red noose. These are all Illuminati clues, along with the strange Ambramovich style performance art and other indicators.

I have shown the Z13 Cipher below as it adds the name to the base 13 letters of Ciphertext to derive a Plaintext message.

The My Name Is Cipher is really set up to activate operations, using a famous name that plays the front. Enter Bernie Sanders into the Cipher and it reveals the phrase, A BEENER ON BIKES MAKES/MAINTAINS ARMS FOR ISIS.

The creation of this cipher was back in 1968/69 time periods.  They have used this cipher for years to conduct secret operations in the US and abroad from the use of the "Stars" that are willing to play the fronts. So many are involved in the mainstream that there is some need for them to cover their tracks of actually triggering these directly, so they are making their fronts with entertainers and using local associates to do their bidding.

We make the discovery that both Vermont is used as a source for training operatives for the Mossad and safehousing them as they conduct East Team operations in the US.  They are trying to fit into American Culture to mask themselves as they stand out from the locals, but their games were originally set up to create a place that they could hide out and enrapture themselves in a massive art and entertainment culture, that has all taken up his "Ringleader" ideals and are pushing them through every business in their Millennial Hipster Rebellion......lol.  He has become a plague and has hosted everyone from Cabal Members who are affluent artists, flashing Secret Service Badges, corralling locals into a crew, teaching Krav Maga to locals in backyard "Community" classes, and making up Occupy Groups to conduct Socialist-like affairs, all masked behind ulterior motives.

The town is so small it has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING ON THE UNITED STATES's POLITICAL STRUCTURE.  There could be nothing achieved by "Occupying" this town like they have, except for the intimidation of the locals, and by doing so forcing them to forget who is really puppeting the international affairs.  This town was very convinced I could run the city's management, and in doing so they bumped an architect from the seat of the Queen City, as it is known, all a part of their interests in portraying the Project Monarch front, while the local is controlled by the inebriate populous.

II literally have gone there and squatted in front of their business, drinking coffee and watching their Circus go round. I have been approached by their Cabal and trying to get to know me (having lived here since 1995) these new faces try to use coercion, collusion, and collaboration to try to induce a state of mind that agrees with their apparently highly organized affairs.  Promising their revolution again was the biggest faux pas to date. I am a true '76er that knows there was one revolution and that was against the Jesuit and English Parliamentary force that have been tearing at the colonies since their founding.  Our country is barely 50 states for 50 years now. That's really young and the power struggles are so bad that they can't even get their facade off the ground long enough to conduct another International Affair.

They neither can conduct their business properly, following permits and paying taxes on time here, nor can they maintain their image long enough to complete their task, which has been to remove the Carribean Corner (a Semitic Jamaican teacher's restaurant), and other true ethnic locations, to expand into other businesses, that close facing the control of the few street corners they inhabit.  A nuisance to say the least.  One individual was being charged with manufacturing drugs in a lab there in the next town over, and dealing through their restaurant front.  He was busted in the next town over and they closed off the whole street around the place worried he was their bomb maker.  He was making hash oil from Butane gas.

They later called it a "Practice" run in case they needed it in the future.  They know what they are up to and the locals are all in fear, as the police are waiting for an event to justify their suspicions and move in.  This is enough for me.

Agents of the Lakam, Cyber Warfare Dept. operatives, and random "Secret Service" all parade there.  The SS agent that makes his way from Florida to Vermont, Jeffrey Lew, is a known satanic "spirit cooking" artist that debuts his sick murder and cannibalistic art on his site.  He is an Obama Administration plant. Someone that has been running their drugs for them, and more than likely attends their parties.

The agent that teaches the Krav Maga is probably from the AMAN sections.  I have not seen any "Hit Teams" but they are not known to stay around like tourists.  I have been assaulted by one of their agents trying to get me to fight them, an employee barista that left their property one day to randomly come and stir up conversations that were not quite sound, asking personal information that was not anything he could have known, or actually be concerned about.

The formal affairs from their political wing here are all about financial embezzlement and the amount is now pushing 500 million dollars.  The most recent local scam taxed the people 20 million dollars for a demolition that the previous Mayor is pushing for, claiming it will revitalize an already thriving city.  They are trying to erase so much they are scratching the paper with the metal band, having wore it to the bone.


Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt: Seven Must Die 

I thought that the 'Money Pit' was only a legend that fools used to lure others to their financial ends.

The 'Curse' of Oak Island seems to be carrying over to the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt.  "Seven Must Die Before The Treasure Will Be Found" is their ongoing motto. 

They know there is nothing on Oak Island.....the Freemasons crafted the whole story to protect the troves from the Jesuit Order.......that were hidden elsewhere.

So 7 must die huh?

7 was the number that related to the 'Golden King'.

Now we have the 4th dead person looking for the "Forrest Fenn" Treasure.

Nobody on their chat sites would listen to me. The treasure hunter sites all banned me from their sites for posting background info about him and now they are scared and researching the info themselves.  They are being complicit when they know this is a setup from the NSA and CIA plotting to control the wealth of the country.   Luring believers to their doom is the nature of the Beast.

I just wish that there was a resource that wasn't corrupted that would publish the info on the MSM in an interview.  I was stalked on my first hunt for the chest in Colorado.

I escaped because there was a local witness who happened to offer me a ride to that last point and the person stalking me had Utah plates so he was coming from a distance from intel passed to him.  They have people that are watching both the internet, phone taps, and possible access to satellite imagery in live time.  Even though he is behind the scenes doesn't mean that he can't use the Treasure Hunt to set up people that are out alone.  He is trying to send a message yet people just wont believe their own two eyes.

These guys are preying on treasure hunters to chase people away from possible caches that are buried.  You saw that the Y U No Guy was used like the Jesse James Treasure Map, and now they are moving their operations into the mainstream trying to cover up their trails to Haiti and to the Philippines.

This is a big thing now.......

Randy Bilyeu

The cause of Randy Bilyeu's death after his January 2016 disappearance near Santa Fe, New Mexico remains undetermined, with the autopsy on his skeletal remains ..

His wife made a statement that went unheard by the Fenners looking to capitalize, as the media Controller/Handlers juggled the statements to create another emotional rollercoaster.

“Another family is left to grieve and carry on without their loved ones,” Bilyeu told The Associated Press in an email. “Only one man has the power to stop the madness. Yet, he continues to pretend he’s doing a good deed by getting people off the couch and into nature.”

Jeff Murphy

Jeff Murphy, 53, of Batavia, Illinois, was found dead Friday from an apparent fall on Turkey Ten Peak near the North Entrance of the park


Paris Wallace


Paris Wallace was found dead and cut rope was fashioned across a bridge, and there is nothing but bits and pieces to tie together to find out what happened.  Early reports said he was tied to a tree? A body was found in New Mexico not far from where a Colorado pastor parked his vehicle before heading out to search for a supposed hidden cache of ...

Eric Ashby


and now Eric Ashby has been found in an accident rafting, and they are all dead from searching for a chest that does not exist. 

The clues in his poem lead to an area of an older treasure that was buried by Confederate Soldiers and the head of Underground Treasuries of the KGC, the well known rebel outlaw leader Jesse James. 

The map used to find it is called the Madrugada Estrella Mapa Del Oro, dedicated to Lucifer.  It sits on a place on the Wolf Map shown above, the master map of the area, with the Y U NO Guy Map, and the Horse and Saddle Map being used to locate individual stashes there.

Reportedly there is a LOT of buried loot there from not only their raids in Oklahoma but in the times of other raiders like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid as well as the gang members' individual shares.

I am thinking that Forrest Fenn has crafted this tale into his poem to state this is his new "rebel" identity, and to inspire more people to follow that historical faux pas to a second civil war.  Just as the Rebels had planned to steal and bury the gold from Union Banks, they had planned out an entire strategic affair of a Takeover of the Govt and the reestablishment of the Confederacy and its Imperial associations with the Crown.  These affairs being conducted post 9/11 are a tell tale sign that they are dangling clues in our faces again to talk about how they have robbed us blind for years, playing the part of the rebel, and decorating themselves with everything from Nazi-esque police uniforms and strategies, to creating a whole array of weaponry to control the minds of the people, coercing them and forcing them to be herded by this 'Cowboy' and his strategy.

As far as the claims by Snowden that there is a department of the NSA that is running a SIGNIT "Treasure Map" that is being used to spy on us, was he really speaking the whole truth or using a colorful and timed lure to get us to "look deeper into their operations" as they sat idly by watching the chatter he stirs up?

Was it front to throw everyone offtrack, and there really is a BLUEPRINT of a Strategic Globalization Network, and a subsequent Terror Operation that was being used to target numerous individuals in the affairs behind the scenes to eliminate the awareness and observation of these Splinter Cells running the Govt from behind a Blue Curtain of Silence?  They brought down the Eldorado Task Force in Building 7.....'7 Must Die'.....Remember?  Now they are looking to hunt down Eldorado himself.......

These maps that were leaked, showing the businesses that are being networked are actually their maps for strategic takeovers of corporate entities and other businesses that they WANT to control.  They have begun to network them together through central banking associations and then networking those through the Bank of London.

Remember the Zodiac Killer said that he had a "Little List Of People That Won't Be Missed"?  This was a letter that was crafted to take the tone of THE MIKADO......The 'Little List' is the very 'Treasure Map' that Snowden spoke about, even seen in the Red Bull Facemask Collage I gave you.

They are forming a database, and through that they are setting up people to be put on the list.

Who do you think sits at the top of that list?

WHO???? ME?? 

5th Dead Fenn Treasure Searcher Found

Mike Petersen


Just found #5....another victim....  i have been on the phone with rangers this morning and was told that the guy from indiana who died in sw montana this spring was a fenn searcher, it was not a bear attack, he drowned in a river.


LATER: I am talking with *****.....about the most recent death......Ashby. There are witnesses saying he was murdered. Its someone in the rafting group and its being crafted like the sidney poitier movie.....Shoot to Kill

More to come


Last Update: 11/19/2023 20:00 -0000




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