Pizzagate Cover Up and Damage Control:

Covert Harassment and Gang Stalking in America

1. What is Gang Stalking? Source:

Gang Stalking is an extreme covert Deep State illegal operation. It's similar to Cointelpro or Red Squads, and it's being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gang Stalking is all about government manipulation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking, monitoring and in the end destroying innocent people.

Gang Stalking is a form of combined community mobbing and organised stalking. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.

Gang stalking is organised harassment at its best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc.

It's a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

Primary targets are women, minorities, dissidents, whistle blowers, etc

Note from the author: Gang stalking has all the appearance and feel of CIA street team surveillance. In this case being as they are using high technology devices, seem to have unlimited resources and several other indicators it would appear that these are CIA trainee teams mixed in with some local civilians for good measure. I say trainees and civilians because these types of operations allow for error, being that the subject is aware of the surveillance, and such a low risk operation for the field agents is perfect for training before being deployed overseas or into a hostile environment.

I have been the subject of covert CIA surveillance and fairly identical harassment more times than I can count here in Moscow which was one reason the CIA ordered the revocation of my passport. Namely so they could run operations against me and target me as I was no longer a US citizen. Many of these were documented on my blog which I have had to password protect due to the amount of personal information and heightened attacks on my person.

The teams targeting me are usually seasoned professionals but they use locals and love to use Ukrainians for street operations in Moscow. I started filming them regularly and putting their pictures on-line and lo and behold my phone was stolen which I have not been able to replace.

The MOSSAD lists revealed just how closely MOSSAD works with the CIA as I found several agents who worked in companies I worked for in Moscow, one of these people was even responsible for my termination from my last job and my continued harassment. Hence I had to leave Moscow.

This is another case which screams for oversight but since the War on Terror was fabricated to increase and allow for the using of all intelligence and counter intelligence assets on innocent civilians it is highly unlikely that the practice will be stopped. Especially as the CIA now has almost unlimited Cate Blanche. 

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Update 04-27-2017 on Ryan's Story: Stalker's Vehicle Shows Tube for Releasing Gas

Aircraft Registered to DC Firm Repeatedly Buzzed Ryan's Home  

Covert Gang Stalking in America the Case of Ryan Meador by John Robles

Ryan Meador is your average Upper Middle Class American IT salesman with a University Degree, a Republican Trump supporter with a respectable job, a single father and God fearing Christian with no "strange" hobbies, addictions or interests. In short a model citizen and a real American patriot who loves his children, his work and his country.

Like any normal person and more importantly parent, he was extremely disturbed by what was revealed about certain US Government officials just as we all were during the past election cycle (one which just won't seem to go away for some reason) and like most normal people believing that he had the right to speak out against the monstrosities he saw evidence of he did just that and like I did directly confronted the criminals.

Leaks involving the DNC and in particular the Clinton campaign revealed horrors about the US political elite that few could have even imagined, about "officials" and the political elite who not only are practicing Luciferean Occultists worshipping Moloch but have been shown by the evidence to being involved in child sacrifice, cannibalism, child and human trafficking, child rape and rampant pedophilia and include over 68% of the DC political elite.

Like this writer and most normal parents Ryan was sickened by what was revealed in the e-mails of John Podesta and further sickened by the Government's lack of reaction to the findings! Like all of us his anger was made worse by what seems like more false promises by yet another "leader".

In reality newly elected President Donald John Trump, won the presidential election due to the outcry from the Podesta revelations and the crimes they revealed and on his promises to seek prosecutions. Unfortunately Trump has not been able to do anything and appears to be another victim of the satanic pedophiles who control the Deep State and blackmail officials for Israel, MOSSAD, the Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex.


Ryan in happier days

When Ryan first contacted me I was naturally a little skeptical at first, given the number of "strange" people that constantly contact me but as things progressed and after a long conversation with Ryan during which we discussed a wide range of topics as I tried to pick his head and get to his real motivations I was convinced that he is in possession of all of his facilities and is really and truly in more danger than even he wants to admit to.

It was obvious that Ryan has never encountered what many "minorities" or targeted individuals live with on a daily basis or that he had ever been under surveillance so his story seems even more credible. That is the core problem and the key exploit of Gang Stalking. They eventually drive the subject to suicide or some other action that ends the person's life and they leave no evidence behind so most of the people around the target believe the person is paranoid and is imagining things. This is what they are doing to all pizzagate researchers and anyone exposing the illegality and apparently this is going to spread as it appears that this is the new way that they are going to "deal with" whistleblowers and those they seek to "get"!  

Currently Ryan has an entire team assigned to him and every time he goes anywhere they shadow him. He has provided videos showings an inordinate number of shiny black pickups and SUV's appearing to be shadowing him.

Ryan's  "Crime"? He Tweeted!

Two of Ryan's children. Obviously brought up to see the truth

Ryan was living the American dream until he Tweeted to the Luciferean pedophiles in DC

First Contact   April 13 2017

My name is Ryan Meador, I'm from the Tampa, Florida area, and I am being surveilled, hunted and I believe slowly poisoned by a rather large contingent of people associated with our DoD (many Veterans, some Active Military, and a large number of University related people.

This ordeal started 12-hours after a Twitter-spree to which I called out Pedo-blackmail, told the Trump admin to change the landscape with the media by revealing Sandy Hook, opining on the globalist corruption of our politicians/universities/MSM/Military, and told Heather Podesta to "quit stirring the pot and go eat a child."

I've somehow pissed off some very very powerful people with vast resources and amazing technology.

I need help. I've lost my kids - nearly my job, my home is not habitable - and I have a ton of information on their new surveillance tools - to which I believe are being used to silence those of us who question the activities by those really in control.

These were two holes drilled into the side of his house in order to introduce chemical agents into his living environment. Ryan has complained of bitter smelling gasses which cause him to feel ill. It is possible "they" are introducing chemical agents so that he has a heart attack and appears to have passed away from natural causes.

The police were called and came out and did nothing to help Ryan.

The Podestas and Their Unlimited CIA and Black Op Resources

Who is John Podesta and why was Alefantis, a pizza shop owner, the 38th most powerful person in Washington DC? The answer lies with the CIA and MOSSAD.

The true horror of pizzagate is that the government bodies which the average American people like Ryan believed were upholding the law and were protecting the population have become the worst form of criminal predatory scum that exist. They prey on the most innocent and defenseless little people.

Pizzagate has shown the world that the United States is a complete lie from top to bottom with the only reality being a populace that is terrified into obedience and made to continue supporting whoever the elites choose to make them support.

Pizzagate has exposed the insanity that is ruling Washington DC. Entrenched people who have gone completely insane with their impunity. After getting away with 911 the Deep State literally is culling children for their Satanic rituals and their sick and perverted pleasures and the intelligence apparatus is compliant and promoting this behavior and most probably profiting from it.

You have a shadow government of Zionist bankers behold to the Rothschilds and Israel sucking the US dry for money and military might to fight its wars and these powers are truly evil to Satanic levels. Who else would harvest organs, sacrifice children, engage in cannibalism and blood transfusion and consumption and even use such as "performance art"? Are these followers of Talmudic teachings, Moloch or Luciferean? Does it matter?

When the kind of resources that have been sent after Ryan are employed for simply Tweeting to an elite evidenced child murderer/rapist that can only mean the cancer has spread to throughout the government and into society and it is time to cut the head off of the demon. The USG has shown by its own sick actions and war on whistleblowers that it is completely and totally illegitimate and must be destroyed before another child is lost.

You are reading this on a Russian server but you should be reading this on CNN but CNN is nothing but a psychological operation to manipulate the populace and must also be completely liquidated. 

Ryan's Story in His Own Words from the Flyer for the Members of the Surveillance Operation 

Dearest Honorable US Veterans and Legion Members,

As a new introduction to many of you, my name is Ryan, and I am both a local resident and a patriotic American, who has been taught by my own Veteran Father to love my country, its armed services, its members, and all those who have fought for the freedom that my children and I have been blessed with. As a single Father having full-custody of 3-young children over these past 8-years, I passed on those teachings of love and respect for service and country to them…but it seems that some of those who I, and now my children, have been taught to respect and honor - have played a significant role in destroying our family. This letter is intended only to inform all of our local Veterans, both those who have unwittingly participated and those who are blissfully unaware, that there are nefarious acts being perpetrated by what I assume to be a handful in your ranks, and they are being supported by a larger group of you that I choose to believe are unaware of the serious nature of the dangerous activities that take place long after the surveillance games pass.

Last week, after raising my children for these past 8-years, they were taken from me and transported to their Mother in North Carolina - because our local authorities and the NC courts deemed me to be “unstable” due to multiple claims over these last number of weeks that I have been being surveilled, stalked, and my Seminole home, car and work being targeted routinely during early morning hours by unknown assailants. Last week’s call to the Sheriff’s Office resulted in my being handcuffed, Baker-Acted, and locked-up in a mental health facility for 6-days for observations, because despite the hell that I have gone through over these past 6-weeks, and the vast amounts of people and technology being leveraged against me, there was still relatively (and brilliantly really) very little physical evidence of the harassment. My own Mother and Sister chose to not believe my stories of the numerous American Legion cars monitoring my every location and thought that I had lost my mind. Therefore, they ultimately assisted in my temporary institutionalization and my losing custody of my children while I was involuntarily held behind locked doors in the hospital. All of my family relationships are now irreversibly damaged, regardless of how this ends.

I would now like to re-introduce myself to those Legion members who already somewhat know me…or at the very least, certainly know my little silver car that you have been surveilling relentlessly this past month with a little assistance from a tracking GPS and your handy little multi-car surveillance phone apps (surely agency funded.) Some of you may only be familiar of what my children or girlfriend (or her car and home) look like - all of whom have been carelessly exposed to harm for simply being in a home with me. Quite a few of you it seems know my home, as you’ve continuously surveilled it via drive-by, through the windows and behind the fences of neighbors you’re associated with, or just by driving all the way out to my little subdivision with your bikes and dogs in tow for some mock exercise/ground surveillance. Lastly, let me not forget about those “special ones,” who surely still have deep ties to a powerful government organization, with access to some tremendously expensive laser-listening devices, thermal imaging, an absolutely amazing security camera laser counter-measure, night-vision, hidden camera detectors, Wi-Fi micro-bugs, and somehow…even find yourselves with access to the Spectrum & AT&T networks – a feat only to be surpassed by your ability to hack and control aspects of an iPhone remotely. (I don’t believe that one is even public yet).

All of you Legion members, whether you simply consider these activities an innocent surveillance game or orders from above, are assisting a handful in your ranks who are not stopping at “keeping their eyes on the target.” These special ones are actually entering my car, home and work, and exposing us to a pretty damn scary chemical that lightly burns the eyes and skin, but more terrifyingly, causes chest pain symptoms that have already caused of 3-hospital visits over these past 6-weeks. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that these people who have requested your support in surveilling me are genuinely trying to harm me, perhaps in a manner that would appear of natural causes…ala Andrew Breitbart. Because my investigating shows the majority of these surveilling activities being performed by members of our local American Legion community, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with every local Veteran exactly what it is that I am guilty of that looks to be resulting in a Breitbart-type death sentence and the destruction of my family. Please note that I currently choose to NOT believe that the majority of my country’s Veterans would engage in these activities were they to truly to understand that activities in the early morning hours that follow their cute surveillance activities are causing serious physical damage, and potentially death. That is murder friends…more accurately, an assassination. Below I will explain in detail why and when I believe I became a target, although I do remain completely unaware of who exactly is leading the effort to harm me.


On Saturday, February 4th, I spent a handful of hours online exploring the world of Twitter - for the first time really…and posting and debating politics & policy - much of which was in defense of our needing an outsider like Trump to clean up Washington, rebuilding our military, defending capitalism, ideas on how to eliminate the political corruption in DC, and my fear of the child-trafficking epidemic that I believed certain groups have been leveraging to blackmail some of the highest levels of politicians, judiciaries & journalists in the country – to ensure that they support their agenda. Using some unkind words that I certainly regret, I also made the very big mistake of Tweeting a snarky response to a Heather Podesta tweet (former wife of Tony Podesta, brother to John Podesta, all three extremely powerful Washington insiders) that mentioned their alleged association with the alleged trafficking problem. Moreover, I sent this and all other Tweets with my Twitter account still showing my real name, and the real city I lived in here in Florida, making me quite easy to find. I believe that those handful of hours that I merely expressed opinions and theories - have changed my life forever in that they offended some very powerful and unforgiving people.

(As an American citizen this goes against all accepted standards regarding free speech and to be free from covert harassment, freedom of movement, freedom to earn a living, freedom of association and every possible democratic concept of having representation and a redress of grievances as well as elementary habeas corpus protections and shows the complete and total failure of police and security forces to protect the citizenry and the children. Any country that openly refuses to protect its children is one that must be liquidated in my opinion)

At 5:10am that following Sunday morning (12-hours after my Twitter montage) my home was visited. I heard a faint but unmistakable drilling sound somewhere outside of my bedroom. I popped up to listen closer, felt certain that an exterior door lock was being compromised, and at 5:17am, I grabbed my phone and shot out the front door and called the police to report a potential intruder. Six minutes later, six (6) police cruisers showed up, a sound from the trees mimicking a bird began to seemingly sound an alarm warning my visitors, and the police begin to inspect in and around the home. In reviewing my security camera footage from a system I’d purchased 6-months earlier after waking up to a broken windshield, the police and I saw nothing but suspiciously very grainy footage, seemingly rocking back and forth, and seemingly only recording 1-second for every three frames rather than the 15-frames per second that my HD security system was set at. When I played the portion where I, myself, unexpectedly flew in the frame of the camera, my image virtually disappeared, and when I played it in reverse, my image completely disappeared. The deputies saw little more than a crappy security system and believed me to be acting paranoid. I knew what I had heard, and I knew that my cameras did not function like that normally.

The following morning, I invited the police back over to search the lower level of my home to search for evidence of drilling. A female officer came over and walked the entire lower level, searching the stucco walls, windows and doors…and we found nothing. Later that afternoon, while out on the deck of the second level, I found 4-freshly drilled holes in my stucco walls, complete with cement powder, with two above my family room French doors and two towards my bedroom hallway – both sets very high on the wall. My Mother was over at the time and I called her out to observe them while I photographed them, and then cut out the interior wall behind two of them to see if anything was placed in those holes. I found nothing there…but a small hole into the cavity of the wall…and assumed that the police must have scared them off prior to placing any electronics.

I have since learned that holes such as these have been used by certain "agencies" to expose targets to a "gas" or "chemical" to which enough prolonged exposure can cause cardiac arrest...and ironically, have since been smelling and thus trying to avoid inhaling the strong chemicals/toxins I have smelled in my home, cars and office for many weeks.
Sent from my iPhone

Part of an Official Plea for Help from the First Pedogate Refugee

My name is Ryan William Meador. I was born in Auburn, Washington on ######### and assigned Social Security Number ######## and am a citizen of the United States of America. This letter represents a formal request to the government of ######## for assistance and political asylum, due to my belief that I am being surveilled and poisoned by a nefarious faction of my government because of my beliefs. I believe that this group of people is intent on silencing my vocal opposition to the corruption of many of my country’s and other Western government’s top leaders within our defense departments, political elite class, mainstream media, intelligence agencies, judicial branches and university systems. I believe this corruption has been growing over the past two administrations (16-years) and is perpetrated by an elite group of people pushing the agendas of the “Globalists”, “Dark State”, “New World Order”, and/or “The Military Industrial Complex.” I believe that these compromised or blackmailed leaders who act as assets to this “elite class” not only pose a risk to myself/family/and all other United States citizens, but also represent a significant risk to the entire world’s foreign governments and their citizens, due to an apparent desire to instigate a potentially catastrophic global conflict amongst our Western Nations and the governments of Russia and her allies.

While not knowing the exact make-up or identities of those specifically hunting, surveilling, and poisoning me (therefore also impacting my loved ones), I have turned to my countries law enforcement and FBI multiple times and received no assistance. In fact, I was labeled paranoid and was advised to ignore these serious threats by most not understanding the vast technology and resource capabilities of national intelligence agencies. So rather than sitting idly by while they took my life and silenced me, I have counter-surveilled and avoided the “gas” to the best of one man’s resources. I have now lost my children, my family, and soon to be my job and life’s assets, but I remain breathing – for now – with hundreds f eyes, both electronic and human, watching my every move and ensuring my exposure to their poison remains prolonged. With little left to lose at this point, I have decided to reach out to perhaps the leaders of the only nation who may understand the technology and resources that I am facing – as well as the risk that this poses to them (you), if all who like me are quietly murdered in a manner that looks as if suffering a natural death. If these people continue using the below tools, surveillance techniques and resources on all opposed to this new world order, then there will be far fewer or eloquent voices of opposition to those seeking war, world domination, and this new world order with them atop of that pyramid of power.

The following details I share with you to express the resources and technology I am facing. To most, this detail may lump me into a category of “crazy conspiracy theorist,” but I am certain that your agents can verify many or most of these tools and techniques. During these past 8-weeks, I have learned the following:

Physical Surveillance:

There are not just a “few” assigned to monitoring and tailing me, there are literally hundreds. Based on their license tags, license tag frames, and stickers on their vehicles, they consist mainly of members of our active military, many of our military veterans (from chapters of our American Legion and VFW) and a sub-class of people more sinister in appearance of whom I have not yet found a common association, yet all have been using the same mobile application to coordinate the many people involved in the surveillance. (more on this later)
A high percentage of those involved have military supporting license plates, often with less than the typical 6-digits. A high percentage are pick-up trucks, and while the majority are based out of Florida (both where I and our Department of Defense’s Southern Command <SOCOM> reside, there are a high percentage of others from Illinois, Texas, New York’ Maryland and Pennsylvania.
A VERY high percentage of the license tags and cars involved have license plate frames, tags themselves, or stickers supporting a specific military branch, veteran organization or the National Rifle Association (NRA.) This leads me to believe that they are not all informed as to the real reason or nefarious extent to which is causing my being surveilled, as I very much support our military, veterans and the NRA.
A high percentage of those involved have specialty or “vanity” tags – again having less than 6-digits.
A large number of their assets were walking dogs and riding bicycles in my neighborhood and past my home – while none were familiar as neighbors. They posed as normal couples and friends, but nearly all were from elsewhere.

The Technology

These people have used lasers that can focus in on and manipulate security cameras (or wires) which then manipulated the signal and that to which was being recorded on the DVR. My personal recorded footage turned grainy and went from the 15-frames per second 1080i setting that I had set it up with, to 1-3 frames per second. I also experienced many instances when the footage moved back and forth during times of suspected movement. When I shifted the cameras, I could witness them refocusing these lasers in on the signal until they were again in control over it.

They have developed an AMAZING Mobile Phone application that masterfully coordinated what felt like 100 people, while communicating my location and direction, and likely instructing them where to go and when to pull out from a side street. I have seen this application’s GUI multiple times, when sneaking peeks from a number of assets monitoring me. It has the appearance of “Instagram” as they inputted and reviewed by scrolling up and down with their thumbs – and was being used by many of an age not known for utilizing mobile apps. This never allowed anyone to follow me too long, likely used predictive analytics as to my future destinations, and with the assistance of the tracking GPS within my car, rarely allowed me to see the same carn the same area on the same day (although I did see the same cars and plates over a span of many days over and over again.)

They compromised my iPhone using background downloads from multiple applications, including straight from Apple. They were able to maintain some control over my phone, such as causing my camera to become unfocused when trying to record them or preventing websites that they did not wish for me to use. (One being the website that looked up license tags and the other was when I bought a camera that utilized Youtube, they turned off my entire family’s ability to go to that site via our phones.) The battery usage indicated that apps may have been being used in the background to track, (locations services), Listen (Microphone), see (Camera,) or review my internet history. I could not stop these downloads without resetting my phone and turning it to Airplane mode.

Router Control. The commandeered my home router and would not allow me to change the password to the router, hide the network, or change the passwords or names of the Wi-Fi. Their physical bugs/transmitters and gas releasing devices are operated by using my WiFi, but they did have a back-up that allowed them to leverage them using a frequency to high for my tool to pick-up. Even the service provider mentioned that he had never seen anything like what he saw with my network before as I tried to get his help in taking back control.

Thermal or laser vision that allowed them to locate me in the home at all times. Despite my best efforts to hide my location and avoid the gas within the places that they were monitoring, they always knew where I was and delivered gas to that location via previously deployed devices or simply drilling a new hole from the exterior.

Night Vision – While watching an unfamiliar couple walking their dog at night, I pulled out my own night-vision scope and actually saw one of them turn around and view me with an infrared source that seemed to glow in a single circle around his eye.

Gas dispensing devices – The holes drilled into my home indicated that the devices being placed into them are tubular and extremely small in diameter. I struggle to understand how they are powered at that minimal size, unless somehow leveraging the energy from the 120V AC wires running near them.

The Late Ted Gunderson on Gang Stalking



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